About Us

Who We Are

DEARA Fashion Accessories is a company registered in Mumbai, India and is founded by Deepti Desai out of her passion for jewelry.

Deepti & the rest of the DEARA team have had diverse work experiences and have worked in some of the top corporate firms in the country. While their unique backgrounds and experiences help push the creativity in the team, it is their common love for making elegant jewelry designs which has bound them together.

It is DEARA’s perpetual desire to continue to improve itself and in the process provide better products and service to its customers. For this it has teamed with the best suppliers, expert artists, global ecommerce service providers and logistic partners to reach out to jewelry lovers the worldover.

Customer Service and Satisfaction are of paramount importance to DEARA and we strive to create the best pre and post purchase experience for our customers. We would like you to be our fellow travelers in this journey towards making the world a bit more beautiful through our products and actions.

What We Sell

While DEARA makes contemporary and traditional designs for all age groups using high quality semi-precious beads, gemstone beads, synthetic gemstone beads, shell pearls, Gold plated beads, Gold plated wires, metal beads, etc., what we want to provide you is much more than that. Whenever you use our products, we want to provide you an experience of absolute satisfaction of wearing high-quality unique jewelry with the knowledge that you have purchased it at an economical price.

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